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The difference between direct current motor and AC motor

Time: 2017/5/24 10:35:54

The difference between direct current motor and AC motor:

1, the speed and voltage is proportional to the motor is a direct current motor, speed and frequency is proportional to the motor called AC motor.

2, DC motor is AC motor coil by reversing, and by pole group commutation.

3 、 DC motor is voltage regulation and speed regulation, while AC motor is frequency conversion speed regulation, which is the watershed of DC motor and AC motor.

4. The fundamental difference between a DC motor and an AC motor is that the potential balance equation is different:

1) the potential balance equation of the DC motor is: U=C, Phi n

2) the potential balance equation of the AC motor is: U=C Phi f

3), DC motor has fast response, large starting torque and rotational speed from zero to the rated speed with rated torque available performance, but the advantages of DC motor is a DC motor because of its disadvantages, to generate performance under rated load torque is constant, the armature magnetic field and the rotor flux to maintain constant 90 degrees this is, by brush and commutator. Carbon brush and commutator motor rotates in sparks, so in addition to cause toner component damage, use is restricted. AC motor without carbon brush and commutator, maintenance free, strong and wide application, but the characteristics to achieve performance equivalent to DC motor to be used to achieve complex control technology. The three-phase asynchronous motor is simple in structure, reliable in operation and low in cost.

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