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How to determine the time of replacement of high efficiency energy saving motor bearings?

Time: 2017/5/24 10:34:05

Strictly speaking, determining the time of replacing high efficiency motor bearings is a complex problem, and it is difficult to answer with a simple data. Because it involves the quality of the original bearings, grease quality, daily running time, the size of the load and the stability of a variety of factors. Therefore, it is generally based on the use of motor bearings in the monitoring of the actual situation to determine whether to change. For example, when it is found that the temperature of the bearing is obviously higher, the abnormal noise and the larger vibration are obvious, the motor should be taken into consideration to check whether the bearings have been damaged or worn seriously. Grease seriously discoloration, or can see that there is metal powder, indicating that the bearings have been seriously worn, generally to grease clean, you can observe the damage to the specific situation. Then decide whether to change the bearings according to the inspection.

If you want to specify a replacement cycle (because in some occasions, can not be replaced until the time to decide to change, may seriously affect production, and even cause bigger loss, so the need for regular maintenance of equipment used include mandatory replacement of wearing parts), recommended for more frequent (such as daily use in the 7h above) or load fluctuations (especially in each cycle will have impact load stage) bearing, the provisions of the replacement cycle is about 1 years; the running time is short and the load regulation of lighter replacement cycle for 1 and a half years to 2 years.

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