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Compared to traditional motors, what are the advantages of variable frequency motors?

Time: 2017/5/24 10:33:00

More energy efficient

All household appliances in the operation of the motor, all have different degrees of harmonic voltage and current, so that the motor in nonsinusoidal voltage, current operation. High order harmonic can cause the copper consumption of the stator, the copper (aluminum) consumption, the iron consumption and the additional loss of the rotor, and the most obvious is the copper (aluminum) consumption of the rotor. Because the general AC asynchronous motor is close to the corresponding to the fundamental frequency of the synchronous speed rotating, therefore, harmonic voltage in a larger slip cutting rotor, the rotor will produce great loss. In addition, additional copper consumption due to skin effect should be taken into account. These losses will make the motor extra heating, reduced efficiency, reduced output power, but if the use of variable frequency motor, its energy consumption can be reduced by about 20%-30%.

Long service life

The motor carrier frequency at run time is about several thousand to 10 kHz, which makes the motor stator windings to withstand high voltage rise rate, equivalent to the impact of high voltage motor applied the steepness of the motor, the interturn insulation is subjected to severe test. The frequency conversion motor can work under the voltage of the rectifier filter, the performance can be more stable, and longer life.

Small noise

The vibration and noise caused by electromagnetic, mechanical, ventilation and other factors are more complicated in ordinary induction motors. Each time harmonic contained in the variable frequency power supply is interfered with the inherent space harmonic of the electromagnetic part of the motor, and various electromagnetic exciting force is formed. When the frequency of the electromagnetic force wave is consistent with or close to the natural frequency of the motor body, a resonance phenomenon will be generated, thereby increasing noise. As the frequency range of the motor is wide and the speed range is wide, the frequency of various electromagnetic force waves is difficult to avoid the natural frequency of each component of the motor. But the frequency conversion motor can solve these problems effectively.

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