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The application of AC variable frequency motor and its control system in oil drilling is analyzed

Time: 2017/5/24 10:30:19

As the demand for oil energy increases, the environment of petroleum exploitation becomes more and more complicated, which increases the difficulty of oil exploitation. In the process of oil production, the application of AC frequency conversion motor can make oil extraction more simple and efficient, so it is necessary to strengthen the analysis of AC variable frequency motor.

AC variable frequency motor, AC variable frequency motor is a kind of special frequency conversion motor. AC frequency conversion motor has the following characteristics compared with general frequency conversion motor in practical application:

(1) the insulation material used in the design is the special material that resists the harmonic of the converter, and improves the performance of the cycloconverter.

(2) structure design and electromagnetic design are more special than general frequency conversion motor.

Application of variable frequency motor and DC and AC compared to rig mechanical drilling in petroleum drilling, the drilling process, the reasonable application of VVVF technology, can well adapt to the specific requirements in the process of oil drilling, and the mechanical structure of the rig has been simplified, reducing the drilling machinery maintenance. The reliability and safety of the equipment has been further improved. In addition, AC frequency conversion motor has many advantages, such as light weight, small size and little trouble. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen its application in oil drilling and improve the efficiency of oil drilling.

AC variable frequency motor control system AC variable frequency motor has been widely used in oil drilling. In the application of frequency conversion motor, it is necessary to do the analysis of control system. The control system is composed of power generation system, control network and communication traditional system.

Power system ROSS HILL and SLEENS two kinds of electrical control system played in the process of specific application functions are the same; in the application process, is mainly to the excitation current of the generator, the engine speed reasonable control, through the application of both can get 50HZ frequency stabilization and 600V regulator, and can ensure the the current system in the process of running stability, the stable power supply for the normal operation of the site. A grid connected control circuit is also arranged in the control cabinet of the generator, so as to reasonably control the operation of the plurality of motors in connection with the grid. The generator in operation process can be summarized on the basis of the project, more than two units or all of the AC motor in operation, uniform distribution, to ensure the smooth transfer of load, so as to bring under motor in the operation process of the impact, and the rig load characteristics. The generator's control device also has the functions of limiting power, short circuit protection and over frequency protection.

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