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HongKong HangFung Industrial Co., Ltd. Dongguan JinYongSheng Hardware & Electrical Products Factory is a professional design, development and production of AC / DC motor in the production of integrated manufacturing private sector. Founded in 1998, the Pearl River Delta hinterland in Guangdong Province, a manufacturing city - Dongguan.

The company has always adhere to the "customer satisfaction, good faith" purpose, excellence, strict control of production, always adhere to 5S management system to continuously improve product quality.



High quality, efficient and personalized service resources

Standardized, standardized, professional service system to meet customer needs at different levels.

Green environmental protection production

Strictly control the quality of raw materials to ensure the production of motors comply with the requirements of the EU ROHS directive.

Quality management system certification

We have obtained ISO9001:2000 / GB/T 19001-2000 quality management system certification.

UL motor insulation material system

We have UL motor insulation materials system for you to quickly obtain all kinds of safety regulations to provide conditions.

Strict control of production

Always adhere to the 5S management system, and constantly improve product quality.

Design according to customer's different requirements

The company can do its best to provide customers with motors that match your products quickly.


Blender Motor

Blender Motor

Blender Motor

Whisk motor

Meat grinder motors

Multifunctional food processor motor

Soymilk motor

Blender Motor


The difference between direct current motor and AC motor

The difference between direct current motor and AC motor:1, the speed and voltage is proportional to the motor is a direct current motor, speed and frequency is proportional to the motor called AC mot

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What problems should we pay attention to when replacing high efficiency and energy-saving motor bearings?

When replacing the original bearing of the high efficiency motor, remove the original bearing and avoid damaging the shaft extension and bearing file of the rotating shaft. The proper assembly process

How is the motor selected to determine the speed of the motor?

The selection of motor speed shall be based on the requirements of the drive machine and the ratio of the drive.Motor revolutions per minute are usually 3000, 1500, 1000, 750 and 600, etc., the asynch

Maintenance and repair of generator

Generator reverse power protectionReverse power protection of generator, also called power directional protection. In general, the direction of power generator should by the generator to the bus, but

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